Pre-Placement Physicals and Drug Testing

Pre-Placement Physicals and Drug Testing

The Massachusetts Bay Self-Insurance Group (MBSIG) provides members with loss control information, training and tools designed to help MBSIG members establish a safe and productive workforce and to prevent injuries at the worksite.

MBSIG understands that loss control begins with the hiring process. Pre-placement, post-employment offer physical examinations are a successful tool to determine that prospective employees are physically capable to perform the essential functions of the job for which they are being considered.

Pre-placement, post-employment  offer drug testing is another effective tool to screen prospective employees. In addition, random and “for cause” drug testing is very successful in maintaining a safe work environment.

Screening employment candidates during the hiring process to confirm that they are physically capable of performing the job for which they are being considered:

  • creates a safer working environment
  • reduces injuries
  • reduces associated Workers’ Compensation costs
  • enhances the quality of your workforce

MBSIG suggests utilizing an occupational health provider to provide pre-placement, post-employment offer, physical examinations and drug testing for MBSIG members for the following job categories:

  • All Drivers (both full and part time)
  • All Maintenance/Facilities staff
  • Visiting Nurses
  • Home Health staff
  • Residential Care staff
  • Personal Trainers/Athletic Trainers


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